11 'Standing Man' photos from around the world


Students take part in a demonstration at Praca da Se in Sao Paulo, Brazil on June 18, 2013. They are protesting a recent rise in public bus and subway fare from 3 to 3.20 reais (1.50 USD).


Miguel Schincariol

Performer and dancer Erdem Gunduz stood for hours facing a portrait of Turkey’s founder Kemal Ataturk in Taksim Square, Istanbul. His silent protest against police violence in the midst of demonstrations against Prime Minister Recep Erdogan drew imitators in the Square, and has now inspired images of solidarity from “Standing Men” and women internationally.

Standing Man Erdem Gunduz stands facing a portrait of Turkey's founder Kemal Ataturk on June 17, 2013. 1LifeSoLiveIt. Twitter.

Standing Men and Women in Taksim Square, Istanbul. onuryasar. Twitter.

Standing Man in Armutlu. AkinUnver. Twitter.

Standing Men and Women in Kadıköy. Filizcemsu. Twitter.

Standing Men and Women in Adana. ozcato. Instagram.

Standing Man in Beşiktaş. huseyinkok. Instagram.

Standing Men and Women in Stuttgart, Germany. ozggge. Instagram.

Standing Man in Milan. batuhankilit. Instagram.

Standing Man in Las Vegas. behcetakalin. Twitter.

row35_. Instagram.

Standing Man in Times Square. beratfb. Instagram.