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Bristol Airport seeks owners of antique teddy bear


A handout picture released by Bristol Airport on June 4, 2013 shows antique teddy bear Glyn, who was left in the airport's departures lounge last year along with a photograph dated 1918.


Bristol Airport

Staff at Bristol Airport appealed for help on Tuesday to find the owners of an antique teddy bear named Glyn that was left behind in the departures lounge last year.

Glyn was found with a black and white photo dated 1918 that showed two young girls with what appeared to be the now one-eyed bear. On the back of the photo is a handwritten note to "our darling Daddie" from "your loving little daughter and Sonia." The note is signed Dora, who is possibly one of the girls, and Glyn.

Airport police and security have tried to trace the passenger who left Glyn and the photo behind, but to no avail, and are now asking for the public's health.

Airport spokeswoman Jacqui Mills said Glyn had obviously been "well loved" for many years.

"Glyn's temporary home is by my desk, but he needs to find his family," she said.

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"During the last 14 months we had been hopeful that the search would result in Glyn being reunited to his family.

"We have not been successful in this search and have drawn a blank, we would be delighted if anyone can help solve the mystery of Glyn."

Since Glyn's story went public, history and teddy bear experts from as far away as the United States and Canada have been in touch with airport staff via email to offer help in finding information. Some antique experts have said Glyn is a British-made Farnell Bear from the early 1900s, while others believe he could be French or German.

Anyone with information that might help find Glyn's owners should contact