Berlusconi's defence says bunga bunga parties are a myth


It just keeps getting better and better for Silvio Berlusconi.



Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi denies that his now infamous "bunga bunga" parties ever took place.

Prosecutors in the high-profile court case claim that during one of the alleged sex parties, the former premier slept with an underage Moroccan prostitute.

Nicolo Ghendi, Berlusconi's lawyer, said during closing arguments Monday that his client neither paid for sex, nor put pressure on police to cover up the case.

He said that Italian magistrates were conspiring with the prosecutors to put Berlusconi in jail, making the claims in an apparent attempt to embarrass the court.

"Given that we are in Milan, I can't be optimistic, but I retain the hopes of a defender," said Ghedini.

Both Berlusconi and Karima el-Mahroug, the Moroccan prostitute who was 17 at the time of the allegations and goes by the nickname "Ruby the Heart Stealer," deny they had sexual relations.

Ghendi said that Berlusconi, 76, was just being humane by giving the girl money.

In an odd twist, Berlusconi's lawyer said that his client was convinced that Mahroug was related to former Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak.

Ghendi claimed that the former premier discussed the girl with Mubarak at a meeting in 2010.

The prosecution alleges that Berlusconi made up the connection to help the girl after she was accused of stealing from her roommate.

Berlusconi maintains that Mahroug did come to his villa for dinner with others but that the dinner guests chatted about mundane things, like soccer.

A verdict is expected at the end of the month, likely June 24.

The prosecution wants Berlusconi to get six years in jail and a ban on holding public office.