Students strip-searched during exam after cell phone goes missing


The Supreme Court Building ruled on April 2, 2012, in favor of allowing officials to strip-search anyone who is under arrest, even those suspected of only minor offenses.



Staff at a Quebec school have gone to seriously creepy length to stop students from cheating on an exam. The school board has launched an internal investigation after school staff strip-searched 28 high school students.

The students had been ordered to put their phones on a teacher's desk to prevent cheating, the Sun News Network reported. But when one phone wasn't accounted for, the teacher jumped to the next logical conclusion: it must be in someone's bra.

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"They put us in a small room," one teenage girl told QMI Agency. "(They said) 'take off your bra, then raise your arms.' They even tapped us on the back."

A spokeswoman said that “the decision seemed best” to teacher in the moment, ABC15 reported. But, perhaps realizing students have the same rights as regular people, officials later contacted students’ parents to explain what had happened. That must have been a fun conversation. 

In Canada, a strip-search must be preceded by an arrest, so it seems pretty obvious that the teachers here completely over-stepped their boundaries.