Jumper kills 5-year-old in South Korea suicide

The old cliche about suicidal people being selfish just got some backing with the tragic death of a young girl.

In a freak accident, a suicidal man in South Korea jumped to his death and landed on a 5-year-old. The man, 39, died instantly, the Associated Press reported. The girl was taken to the hospital. She died there from brain damage and broken bones. 

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The disturbing news comes out of a country that is long known to have a high suicide rate.

In fact, South Korea is No. 1 in suicides per capita among developed nations. The Christian Science Monitor reported that South Koreans' new affluence produced a housing bubble, and with it an unwise value on material goods.

In fact, Psy's music is widely known to be a lampoon of Souel's nouveau riche culture.

South Korean culture also places a high value on reputation and saving face. In 2009, former South Korean president Roh Moo-hyun jumped to his death from a cliff after being faced with bribery allegations.