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Ecuador's only satellite damaged by Russian space debris


This National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) handout image shows a graphical representation of space debris in low Earth orbit.



Ecuador's only satellite collided with Russian space debris but reports of damage remain unclear.

Ecuador's space agency EXA said Thursday that its Pegaso (Pegasus) nanosatellite was struck by a Soviet rocket launched three decades ago.

The indirect hit happened about 1000 miles above the east coast of Madagascar. 

"It was a not a direct hit," tweeted Ronnie Nader, Ecuador's only astronaut.

"Pegasus remains in orbit."

Tiny Pegaso was launched in China on April 25.

Thankfully, it doesn't do much except transmit video images and send morse code signals from space for nerdy students to translate.

Another satellite will be launched from Russia in July on behalf of Ecuador.