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Top 50 most popular songs in 14 countries this week


Logo of Swedish music streaming service Spotify on March 7, 2013 in Stockholm. Sweden is at the forefront of a global recovery in music sales driven by streaming music services such as Spotify.



Ever wonder what the Swedes are listening to right now? How about those Aussies down under, club-hoppers in Portugal, or students in Singapore?

Now you can find out using Spotify charts, which allow you to check out the most streamed and shared music tracks around the world by week.

To get a feel for the beat the world is swaying to right now, GlobalPost aggregated a list of this week's biggest hits in 14 countries. Turns out Daft Punk and Robin Thicke are topping charts from Hong Kong to Lithuania; here's what else is big:

1. United States


2. United Kingdom


3. Singapore


4. Portugal


5. Mexico



6. Spain



7. Malaysia



8. Lithuania



9. Italy



10. Iceland



11. Hong Kong



12. France



13. Australia



14. Sweden