Guantanamo shuts down Internet service after Anonymous threat


This picture shows a shadow of a US soldier next to a placard on a fence at the Guantanamo Bay detention camp.

After threats from the hacker collective Anonymous, the US military has blocked Wi-Fi service inside the prison at Guantanamo Bay detention center including access to Facebook and Twitter.

Anonymous warned it would "disrupt activities" at the prison to support inmates there who are on a hunger strike.

So far, Lt Col Samuel House told the Associated Press there has been no hacker disruption reported at the base. He confirmed the suspension of the Internet was “a precautionary move.”

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The hacker group launched "Operation Guantanamo" last Saturday to mark the 100th day of the prisoners' hunger strike over conditions at the jail and their ongoing incarceration.

103 of the 166 detainees were participating in the strike as of Monday, the AP said.

Protesters have gathered outside the prison as well as the White House.

Meanwhile, Anonymous posted messages on its website saying "we stand in solidarity with the Guantanamo hunger strikers" and "we will shut down Guantanamo."

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