Chatter: Mile-wide tornado rips through Oklahoma




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Emergency crews worked through the night and into the morning Tuesday, trying to find survivors of a massive, mile-wide tornado that touched down in Oklahoma, killing a feared 91 people and flattening neighborhoods whole. Most of the damage appears to be in the suburb of Moore, where at least 20 of those who died are said to be children. Oklahoma resident David Massey posted several powerful videos of damage from the tornado using the video sharing app Vine.

Israeli and Syrian forces have exchanged fire across the cease-fire line in the occupied Golan Heights. Syria said it destroyed a vehicle that crossed the line overnight, and Israel acknowledged returning fire. While sporadic gunfire from Syria's civil war has spilled over into Israel on occasion, this marks the first time that Syria appears to have intentionally fired on Israeli forces.


As expected, Obama urged Myanmar's president Thein Sein to tame anti-Muslim violence in his troubled country during an historic visit. But the White House also acknowledged what Myanmar observers have noticed for a while: diplomats (including Obama) are more often using the word "Myanmar" though official policy favors "Burma," a colonial title that (to some) signifies a stance against the military rulers who switched the name more than 20 years ago.


Would-be grooms in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh are posting photos of themselves with their home's toilet to woo brides. Millions of poor and rural Indians still defecate under the open sky because their homes and sometimes even their villages lack facilities. The local administration has made the picture of the groom along with the toilet a mandatory requirement for getting registered for mass marriage ceremonies and available benefits.