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Cell phone thief hit by bus (VIDEO)


Man with a phone in Berlin, Germany.


Sean Gallup

Don't use your cell phone while driving, and don't take someone else's cell phone near moving buses.

A man lurking at a bus stop in Bogota, Colombia went to daring lengths to steal a woman's cell phone. First, he pulled an emergency lever to open the doors of the bus station, BBC News reported. Usually, the doors are kept closed in order to protect people from getting hit by buses. 

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Unfortunately, the man seems to be new at this whole emergency lever-cell phone robber thing. After grabbing the woman's cell phone out of her hands, he is seen running--directly onto the bus tracks. The graphic security footage then shows a bus quickly approach and hit him.  

The footage shows people rushing to help--including the woman who had just been robbed. "The victim helped the thief by taking him out from under the bus," a local policeman told reporters

Remarkably, he suffered only minor injuries. After leaving the hospital, he was prosecuted, ITN reported.

Watch ITN's footage below: