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Sun spitting out record-breaking solar flares (VIDEO)


In this handout from NASA/Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO), a X5.4 solar flare, the largest in five years, erupts from the sun's surface March 6, 2012.



The sun seems to be getting a little antsy lately.

Over the last week it has spit out three of the most powerful solar flares of the year and the fireworks continue unabated.

The sunspot went crazy last Sunday with what was considered an "X-class" solar flare - the most powerful solar storm there is, said

On Monday, the most powerful X3.2 flare once again broke records for the year.

It was the third strongest in recent years.

X-class flares can pose radiation risks to satellites and astronauts, while interfering with GPS.

The good news is that the solar flares create more powerful aurora light shows that dance in skies in the northern hemisphere.

The largest solar flare in the last few years was an X5.4 that occurred in March 2012.