Ariel Castro's brothers say he is a 'monster' who should 'rot in jail'


MAY 09: (L-R) Onil Castro, Pedro Castro and Ariel Castro stand in the courtroom during Ariel's arraignment on rape and kidnapping charges May 9, 2013 in Cleveland, Ohio. Ariel Castro is accused of abducting Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus and holding them for about 10 years.


Matt Sullivan

Ariel Castro's brothers have described their sibling as a "monster" and they hope he suffers in jail for the rest of his life.

In an interview with CNN, Onil Castro, 50, and Pedro Castro, 54, said whenever they visited Ariel's house he would have loud music or the television playing and would never let them past the kitchen.

Curtains blocked the kitchen from the rest of the house where unbeknowns to them, their brother was holding Amanda Berry, Michelle Knight and Gina DeJesus captive.

Ariel explained it as an energy-saving measure, Pedro told CNN.

Onil said his brother would occasionally cook for him "but I would eat out on the steps."

When the women were discovered a week ago, all three brothers were arrested and their mugshots released, the world assuming they were all involved.

But four days later, Pedro and Onil were released and investigators said they were not involved in the kidnappings, AP reported.

The pair said they were as shocked as the rest of the world at the revelations. Ariel who is charged with kidnapping and rape was arraigned Thursday in an Ohio court.

His bond was set at $8 million, ABC reported.

"I hope he rots in that jail," said Onil, CNN reported.

"I don't even want them to take his life like that. I want him to suffer in that jail to the last extent. I don't care if they even feed him. What he has done to my life and my family's."