Armed man holding hostages, including children, in New Jersey


Downtown Trenton, New Jersey as viewed from Morrisville, Pennsylvania.



An armed man in Trenton, New Jersey continued a standoff with police into Saturday, after police found the partially-decomposed corpse of a woman in the home.

A child has also reportedly been killed in the standoff, according to various news sources, and other children remain inside the home, where negotiators from New Jersey State Police, FBI, and the city police have been attempting to coerce the man out. 

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Police arrived on the scene before 3:00 PM on Friday, wrote the New York Daily News, and were greeted with a man brandishing a gun — prompting them to retreat and call in a SWAT team to the scene. 

Four children are reputed to be in the house, according to New, including three teenagers and a 4-year-old boy. 

It's unclear if the man is the father of the children or not, as multiple news source disagree on his relation to the children. CBS has reported that a 13-year-old child is dead inside the South Trenton home, alongside his mother. 

“I’m shocked, because I didn’t expect that from him. I mean, I heard about his temper, but I didn’t expect nothing, like, he was talking to my mom like nothing happened," said an unidentified friend of the suspect to CBS.

"Like, he was playing around; he was like, nothing happened – nothing at all, nothing out of the ordinary. I’m just in shock, because he was with his wife in the house, girlfriend’s in the house."


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