Jodi Arias found guilty (VIDEO)



The trial of waitress Jodi Arias began in January in a Phoenix court.


Eric Thayer

Jodi Arias was found guilty Wednesday of the first-degree murder of her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander.

The conviction in a Phoenix court means Arias, 32, could face the death penalty, CNN reported.

In an interview with KSAZ after the proceedings, Arias said she prefers death over life in prison because "I believe death is the ultimate freedom, so I'd rather just have my freedom as soon as I can get it."

The guilty verdict came after four days of deliberation.

Arias, 32, was charged with first-degree murder for the killing of her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander at his home in Phoenix five years ago.

He was stabbed repeatedly, shot and almost decapitated but Arias claims she killed him in self defense after he attacked her.

Jurors had been deliberating since Friday, AP reported.

Investigators claim the waitress planned the attack in a jealous rage after being rejected by the victim while he pursued other women.

The trial began in early January, and Arias spent 18 days giving evidence on the witness stand.