Spain arrests man believed behind world's worst cyberattack


South Korean police investigate possible cyberattack after four TV networks and large bank suffer server outages.


Megan Morris

Spanish police said Sunday that they've arrested the person they think is responsible for what's been described as the largest cyberattack in history, reported CNN

The 35-year-old Dutch man was taken in on Thursday just north of Barcelona, where he operated out of a bunker when he wasn't driving around in his handy cyber-attacking van, according to a ministry statement cited by The Associated Press

The vehicle served as a "mobile computing office, equipped with various antennas to scan frequencies,” said the interior ministry, a discovery that may point to what was behind the massive cyberattack that slowed Internet service around the world last month, according to AP

The denial-of-service onslaught also overwhelmed the European anti-spam agency "The Spamhaus Project," said CNN

The man, identified by police only by the initials SK, told authorities he was a diplomat with the “Telecommunications and Foreign Affairs Ministry of the Republic of Cyberbunker," according to AP

He was arrested on a European warrant initiated by the Netherlands, said CNN, where he will probably be extradited for the trial, reported AP