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Tiger escapes circus, surprises woman in circus bathroom


Tony, a Siberian Tiger, sits in a renovated big cat grotto at the San Francisco Zoo Feb. 21, 2008 in San Francisco, California. The San Francisco Zoo reopened its big cat grottos for public viewing almost two months after a man was fatally mauled by a Siberian tiger that escaped from its enclosure on Christmas day. On Sept. 21, 2012, a man in the New York was attacked by a tiger after jumping into its enclosure at the Bronx Zoo.


Justin Sullivan

A Kansas woman claims that she found herself face-to-face with a loose tiger in a circus bathroom. 

But the woman, Jenna Krehbiel, says she handled the deadly, wild animal like it was no big deal. "I turned around calmly and walked back toward the door. Someone opened the door and said get out," Krehbiel told  the Salina Journal

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Circus officials are unsurprisingly downplaying the scare, framing it as a "it's just a small bathroom" issue. A circus manager acknowledged that a tiger had in fact escaped during the show but said that security quickly barricaded it inside the bathroom. "I am sure she saw the tiger because the bathroom is only 25 feet long," the manager told the Journal. Yes, and she also saw the tiger because she has eyes, but that still does not explain how the tiger escaped.  

Anyhow, the story has a much happier ending than the story of the man who entered the tiger den at the Bronx zoo last year. First  his foot got bitten off, and then he faced  criminal charges for trespassing into the tiger den.