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Boston Marathon Bombings: Reaction from Around the World


Investigators survey the site of one of the bomb blasts on Boylston Street a day after two explosions hit the Boston Marathon. (Photo: REUTERS/Adrees Latif)

News of the bombings in Boston is dominating headlines around the globe.

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In Israel, people have said it's ironic that Israelis are feeling the pain of Americans at a time of tragedy: usually it's the other way round.

In neighboring Arab nations, social and news media are overwhelmingly sympathetic. The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt issued a statement criticizing the attack as un-Islamic.

China like nearly every country in the world expressed sincere condolences. On Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter, many praised the way people ran to help the victims of the blasts. Others noted how the news was broadcast live and uncensored.

Spain has dealt with its own share of terrorist tragedy, and is holding its own marathon in Madrid at the end of the month. Ninety-one Spaniards were running in the Boston marathon, and any trying to get help last night from their nation's consulate in Boston would have been out of luck.

The consul shut up shop at the regular hour of 6 pm, and did not post any kind of emergency contact. Tuesday the consul was fired.