Johannesburg police seize 30,000 penis enlargement pamphlets

A pamphlet advertising herbal penis enlargement treatments sent to homes in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Credit: Erin Conway-Smith

Johannesburg police arrested two men for running a penis enlargement pamphlet operation. And no, the crime isn't false advertising. The suspects are instead accused of publishing "explicit photos," an apparent violation of South Africa's Sexual Offenses Act and the Film and Publications Act,  Sapa reported.

The police claim to have confiscated 30,000 pamphlets. 

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"[The JMPD] arrested two men on Saturday at about 14:00 after one man was caught red-handed pasting illegal penis enlargement posters onto traffic light poles," Chief Superintendent Wayne Minnaar  told News24.

GlobalPost Senior Correspondent in Johannesburg, Erin Conway-Smith, said some South Africans regularly seek out traditional cures for ailments ranging from rashes to erectile dysfunction, as well as for magical purposes such as good fortune in love and business. Traditional medicine, known as "muti," is made from ingredients including herbs, plants and sometimes animal parts.

Conway-Smith posters offering penis enlargement are a common sight in downtown Johannesburg, plastered on light poles, trash bins and walls. Also common are flyers from "doctors" and herbalists promising solutions to a range of love problems.

"One pamphlet we found stuck to our car offered 'an Astrologer-herbalist-healer in God & Our Forefathers He Never, Never Fails 100% Guaranteed Your Problems To Be Solved In 2days!!! (Miracles Miracles To You)," Conway-Smith said.

"Among the things this healer could help with: penis enlargement, cheating spouse, bewitchment, lost property, promotions at work and passing exams. 'ALL ARE WELCOME (WITH NO FEAR).'"

The arrest comes just about three weeks after seven people were arrested in South Africa for also posting penis enlargement posters. Three of the arrested were Zimbabweans, and they were actually deported as a result of the charges,  the Zimdiaspora reported

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