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Dreamliner set to begin to fly in US May 31


United Airlines has said that its Boeing Dreamliner fleet will take flight by May 31 after numerous technical problems.


Stephen Brashear

United Airlines said that its Boeing 787 Dreamliner fleet will take flight once again after a number of problems grounded the revolutionary airplane.

The announcement means that United, the only US carrier that flies the plane, will be five days ahead of an earlier expected resumption of the 787 service.

United said that it had finished testing the lithium-ion batteries that had caught fire.

It is now waiting on Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval.

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The FAA had grounded the 787 in the US after incidents of electrical failure in a Japanese airline flying the aircraft.

United will begin its Denver to Tokyo service on June 10 and between Houston and London.

The airline has six of the aircraft so far.