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Cat beauty contest held in Romania (VIDEO)


A three months old Canadian Sphynx breed cat is pictured. The Sphinx cat was a big contender at a feline beauty contest held in Romania recently.


Samuel Kubani

Thousands of cats and their enthusiastic owners descended on Romania for the International Feline Beauty Competition.

The two-day competition was mainly attended by eastern and central European pet owners and 200 of their feline companions.

Oddly, the Canadian Sphinx cat, known for its intense ugliness, was well-represented in the competition.

It's entry into the competition proving that feline beauty at least, is quite subjective.

Though the name sounds exotic the hairless, wrinkled cat is from Toronto, Canada.

They can cost upwards of $5000.

It is still unclear from reports which cat was the most beautiful of them all.

For photos of the competitors click here.