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Word of the Day: Zomcom


Members of the Indonesian Zombie Club (IZOC) dressed up in zombie costumes march together in Jakarta on January 27, 2013. (ADEK BERRY/AFP/Getty Images)


Adek Berry/AFP/Getty Images

Bollywood and zombie superfans of the world unite!

Illuminati Films and Eros International, traditionally known in the biz for their colorful romcoms, have decided to push the envelope for Indian cinema with their next film, Go Goa Gone.

Saif Ali Khan, who stars in the film, has ditched his trademark loverboy image to play Boris — a blonde, tattooed, Russian mafia lord/zombie hunter.

“I loved Boris the first time I discovered him. He is tough and cool, but also very funny. I was very excited to play Boris the zombie hunter and even happier to produce this film,” said the 42-year-old actor.

Go Goa Gone, which is being marketed as a zomcom, claims to offer a combination of fear and fun, ultimately aiming to tickle the audience's funny bone as well as keep them wincing on the edge of their seats.

And while Go Goa Gone is certainly not the first stab at the zomcom genre — Zombieland? Shaun of the Dead? My Boyfriend's Back? — the unique Bollywood twist that is inherent in the film promises to add a distinct flavor to the already interesting mixture of comedy, camaraderie, action and zombies that drive the plotline.

Regarding the film, director Raj Nidimoru claimed, "A zombie film in Hindi was unheard of."

Dinesh Vijan, co-founder of Illuminati Films agreed with the director, explaining, "There hasn't been a character like Boris or a concept like this on Indian screens. This is exactly what got us excited to make this film. The zombies will keep you on the edge of your seat and the humour will make you fall off of it - making it a zombie comedy… a Zom-Com! Hopefully it'll be a genre defining film for us." 

Sounds like cinematic gold to us.

But don't take our word for it — below is the official movie trailer.

Our favorite part? Saif Ali Khan's epic one-liner at minute 1:33 — "I kill dead people."

And thus a blockbuster was born.