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Apollo rocket engines recovered from ocean floor by Amazon's Bezos

apollo_rocket.jpg's Jeff Bezos and his team have succeeded in recovered the rockets used in the Apollo 11 mission that took Neil Armstrong to the moon.


Youtube's founder Jeff Bezos has succeeded in his plan to recover the rocket engines from the Apollo 11 moon mission.

The engines took astronaut Neil Armstrong and colleagues to the moon in 1969.

They were found at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean using sonar equipment.

Bezos said that his team would restore the corroded engines.

"We've seen an underwater wonderland -- an incredible sculpture garden of twisted F-1 engines that tells the story of a fiery and violent end, one that serves testament to the Apollo program," Bezos is reported to have said after the finding.

"We found so much."

It is still unclear where they will be displayed but Bezos suggested they would be shown in the Smithsonian museum in Washington DC.