Italy sends back two Marines for trial in India


Italy said late on Thursday that it would return to India the two marines facing murder charges in the shooting of two fishermen.


Vincenzo Pinto

Italy said Thursday evening that it would send two marines back to India to face trial over the death of two fisherman.

An earlier decision said the two soldiers would not return for a trial in India but that appears to have been reversed.

Italy said that it received assurances that the marines would be well-treated.

“The government decided, also in the interest of the marines, to maintain the commitment taken when they were granted leave to return to India by March 22,” an Italian government spokesperson said.

“The marines agreed to this decision.”

The Italian ambassador Daniele Mancini was pressured by India's Supreme Court for initially allowing the two men to return to Italy to vote in elections.

The ambassador was also forced to stay in India before the two men were sent back.

The men were supposed to return four weeks later but the deal was reneged and the reinstated.

Massimiliano Latorre and Salvatore Girone, Italian soldiers, killed two Indian fisherman who they say they thought were pirates.

The incident occurred off the Kerala coast in February 

The marines were guarding an Italian-flagged tanker ship.