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'Little Psy' goes Gangnam with first single, 'Show+Time'


Korean rapper Psy apologized on December 7, 2012 for penning lyrics against the American military during the Iraq War. The rap lyrics encouraged killing Yankees.


Christopher Polk

"Little Psy," the kid with the awesome dance moves in Psy's crazy-popular Gangnam dance video, is capitalizing on his growing fame in South Korea by releasing his first-ever single, "Show+Time."

In the video, eight-year-old "Little Psy," real name Hwang Min Woo, walks out on table full of kids singing "happy birthday" to hit the dance floor in a flashy blazer and shades, bustin' out his trademark moves.

The second-grader, whose mother is from Vietnam, reportedly wants to become famous like his "big brother," Psy, according to the Huffington Post.

Watch it here: