Nelson Mandela is released from hospital after medical tests


Former South African president Nelson Mandela is pictured during a meeting with Britain's Prime Minister Gordon Brown (not pictured) at his hotel, in central London, on June 24, 2008.


Dylan Martinez

Iconic South African leader Nelson Mandela was released from a Pretoria hospital back to his Johannesburg  home on March 10th, after an overnight stay for what was reported as "routine" medical testing.

"The doctors have completed the tests. He is well and as before, his health remains under the management of the medical team," said South African presidential spokesman Mac Maharaj to AFP, adding that Mandela was "well" and under the management of a team of medical specialists.

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According to Al Jazeera, the 94-year-old Mandela was treated for a condition related to his age, but more details about the exact nature of the hospital stay were scarce.

AFP writes that other patients were moved out of the ward where Mandela was sent, while the hospital told onlookers that the area "need to be repainted," allowing no one to approach.

Mandela was hospitalized for eighteen days in December for complications related to a lung infection and gallstones, leaving the world concerned about the anti-apartheid icon, who was eventually released back to his home on Dec 26th.

His appeal in South Africa remains undeniable: in November, his likeness was printed on new banknotes, the first in the country to feature a black person.

Mandela's last public appearance was during the South African World Cup in 2010, while the last known photograph of the leader was taken in August with Hillary Clinton, added AFP.