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Harlem Shake video from Parkison's group sparks debate (VIDEO)


A video released by a Dutch Parkinson's foundation shows a man shaking to the music "Harlem Shake" before falling over. The controversial video is meant to raise awareness about the disease.



A Harlem Shake video featuring a man with Parkinson's disease has sparked controversy.

The Dutch Parkinson's Society released a Youtube video called "Worst Shake Ever" that shows a man dancing to the Harlem Shake song in an office kitchen.

Except the man in the video, Eric Roos, the director of the group, is not dancing, he's shaking because he hasn't taken his Parkinson's medication, said the Sun.

At the end of the video Roos falls over instead of being joined in dance by other people like similar Harlem Shake videos that have been released.

The clip ends with the words: "Shaking, fun for some … daily struggle for others."

The video is meant to raise awareness about the disease.

The Daily Mail said it was created by advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi.