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Polish plant puts rotten meat in sausages, report says


Robert Laurenzo places sausages in the display of the meat department at Laurenzo's Italian Center on January 9, 2012 in North Miami Beach, Florida.


Joe Raedle

If you think horsemeat is exotic, you should try expired meat. A Polish meat plant was shut down today amid concerns that it was selling meat past its expiration date,  Reuters reported

The closure comes after an undercover journalist for TVN visited the local meat plant. In the footage, workers can be seen and heard discussing rotten meat. "You can put it into dog food, you don't lose money. You can also put it into sausages, into pate," one of the workers was recorded as saying, according to Reuters. 

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The journalist got into the plant by pretending to be applying for a job,  BBC News reported. In another disturbing clip, a worker holds up a sausage covered in green mold and said that it can be cleaned, dried and re-used.

The meat plant denies the allegations. That's kind of comforting, right? "There are no grounds for the allegations," a company official said,  Kyiv Post reported