Moldova's pro-EU government collapses in no-confidence vote


The Moldovan parliament passed a law that allows for the chemical castration of child sex offences and some instances of rape.



Moldova's parliament on Tuesday dissolved Prime Minister Vlad Filat's pro-European government in a move that may threaten the nation's ambitions to join the bloc, according to the Associated Press

Filat's administration received a vote of no-confidence from lawmakers on Tuesday, meaning the reform-minded prime minister has to resign within days but will hold provisional power until voters elect someone else, said Reuters

The opposition communists led the move, taking advantage of rivalries within the three-party Alliance for European Integration coalition, reported Reuters, while AP nodded to a prominent Alliance leader's recent dispute with Filat over judicial matters. 

The vote came as hundreds of pro-Filat Moldovans rallied outside parlimanent, according to AP, quoting one poster that said: “We want European integration.”

Tiny Moldova borders Ukraine and Romania and is one of the poorest nations in Europe with an average monthly income of $230, said AP

Alliance has  has been pushing for EU integration since winning victory over the then-ruling communists three years ago, according to Reuters