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Pufferfish Anyone? The Deadliest Meal in the World


Candle lit dining at Café de Mort (Photo: Remember A Charity)

The Café de Mort is very different from the Chatterbox cafe (Garrison Keillor's favorite hangout). The Café de Mort means death café, and you won't believe what's on the menu. It features potentially lethal delicacies from around the world. Each of the dangerous dishes served up would kill you if not properly prepared. For example there's the pufferfish entree. Health experts warn that one forkful of poisonous pufferfish might leave you with as few as 17 minutes left to live. There's no antidote. So they say. You might wonder what chef in his or her right mind would put pufferfish on the menu? And here's the Geo Quiz: In which country would you be most likely to find pufferfish served as a delicacy? It also goes by the names blowfish, and fugu. This country consumes an estimated six percent of the world's fish harvest. Pufferfish is considered a traditional, if not potentially lethal delicacy in Japan (where its called fugu) as well as China and South Korea. MasterChef Gregg Wallace featured pufferfish, curried ackee, and kluwak nut pasta on the deadly menu he devised for the pop up restaurant in London called the Cafe de Mort.

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    A diner eating pufferfish at MasterChef Gregg Wallace's Remember a Charity event. (Photo: Remember a Charity)