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Watch helicopter rescue deer trapped on frozen lake (VIDEO)


Videographer Ian Waugh captured this video of helicopter pilot David Farrell rescuing a deer trapped on a frozen lake in Nova Scotia, Canada.

For parents in the crowd, you now have a real-life video to show your kids of Bambi meeting Hannah the Helicopter.

Pilot David Farrell is getting resounding praise for his rescue of a deer trapped on a newly frozen lake in Nova Scotia, Canada, recently.

But Farrell didn’t strap the frightened animal to a safety harness, he simply used force from the helicopter’s rotors to “blow” the deer to safety.

“It looked more than do-able,” he told CTV News. “There was a nice clear path to [the] shoreline with glazed ice.”

Ian Waugh captured the video and also called Department of Natural Resources to help, CBC said.

He told media that the deer had struggled for hours to gain footing on the ice, which was too thin for anyone to walk on without falling through.

“It’s an elegant solution, it’s a very simple solution, it’s one that one wouldn’t think immediately off the top would work,” Waugh told CBC. “Yet, watching it unfold, the deer seemed to be going for a ride.”