WikiLeaks: Documents from Bradley Manning's case have been released


Private First Class Bradley Manning is escorted following a motions hearing in his trial at Fort Meade on March 15 in Maryland.



The Pentagon has released 84 documents surrounding the trial of WikiLeaks source Bradley Manning. The move was the result of pressure from journalists and human rights groups, who argued that there had been too much secrecy around the prosecution of Manning, the Guardian reported.

The batch still only constitutes a tiny portion of the paperwork from the proceedings. The 84 released documents are just the "first crack in the army's approach to public information in the trial," the Guardian says.

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The Department of Defense says more documents will be released after they are reviewed and edited, the Associated Press reported. WikiLeaks and several news organizations have filed a lawsuit seeking more public access to the documents, and that case is pending before the Court of Appeals for the Armed Forces.

The Military District of Washington told reporters today about the Pentagon's decision to release the documents came in response to the Freedom of Information Act requests, RT News reported