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App for smartphones monitors your mood swings


A new app for smartphones allows users to track their mood fluctuations throughout the day to see what stresses them.


Timothy A. Clary

A new smartphone app claims that it can monitor your mood swings throughout the day.

The Xpression app uses your voice to measure small fluctuations in your tone during your phone conversations.

The idea is that your daily "mood map" will help you figure out what (or who) is making you stressed, anxious or depressed, said DVice.

The app will eliminate the need to keep a diary to track your mood - if you needed such a thing in the first place.

The app sends your information to a server and analyzes it, creating a map of your day, reported RT.

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Theoretically the app could send the information directly to your shrink.

Xpression was created by Matt Dobson and Duncan Barclay of UK-based EI Technologies, who once ran a speech recognition firm.

The UK-based Dobson told CNN: "Over half of adults in the UK suffer from severe stress once or twice a week so there's a lot of opportunity in the market."

"I wanted to know: could we bring something into the market that would help people sort out their stress and depression and anxiety? ... I found that voice-based recognition was something that would work on a smartphone."