NYC firefighters rescue wife from husband's meat cleaver (VIDEO)


A screengrab of security footage that shows NYC firefighters rescuing a women from her husband's assault.



New York City police arrested a 28-year-old man who allegedly attacked his wife with a meat cleaver in Chinatown on Sunday.

Ming Guang Huang was seen on the street slashing at his wife with the cleaver when Jose Ortiz, a nearby New York City firefighter from Engine 9/Ladder 6, came to the rescue, NY Daily News reported.  

"I’m thinking I’ve got to grab this guy’s arm, but I’m trying not to get hit myself," Ortiz said. "He was not a big guy, only about 5-foot-5, but the cleaver made him a little taller."

It took several firefighters to stop Guang, and once they did, the victim ran away, covered in blood.

“She had a very deep cut to the back of her head and wounds throughout her abdomen and torso,” said firefighter Shane Clarke

Clarke caught up to her two blocks away, and the victim was then taken to Bellevue Hospital. She has been reported in stable condition.  

CBS obtained security camera footage of the incident. (CAUTION, IMAGES MAY BE DISTURBING):