Discussion: Are we in the midst of a global movement for women's safety?

When a woman in Delhi was raped and murdered in December, people in India were outraged. But did India's protesters help galvanize the world? On Tuesday, February 26, The World hosted a Google+ Hangout designed to ask those working in the field to dive into the question: Is this truly a global movement for women's safety?

Panel Moderator: Jeb Sharp is show producer for The World, responsible for the program's overall sound and editorial content. She is also a longtime correspondent with a focus on human rights. Her reporting on rape as a weapon of war won a 2009 Dart Award for Excellence in Coverage of Trauma.

Rosemary Barberet is a sociology professor at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York. She represents the International Sociological Association at the United Nations and is a founding member of Criminologists Without Borders.
Anita Raj is a professor of Global Public Health and Medicine at UC San Diego, focused on gender-based violence and sexual health for girls in South Asia and immigrants in the US.
Jocelyn Kelly is the director of the Women in War Program for Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, concentrating on research of sexual violence in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Rhitu Chatterjee is a correspondent for The World, and has reported on India's response to violence against women.
Mary Kay Magistad is the Beijing correspondent for The Word, and has recently reported on China's "leftover women."

Angilee Shah is the social media manager at Public Radio International (PRI). She has been curating the #worldgender conversation since the Delhi rape and murder in December.

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