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Resilient Damascus: An Expat's View of Life in Syria at War


Omayyad Mosque, Damascus Old City with Mount Qasyun. (Photo: John Wreford)

A mortar bomb struck a soccer match taking place in Damascus Thursday, killing a player.

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The incident highlights a stark truth about the two-year old civil war in Syria.

Fighting continues, but so too does ordinary life.

It's something that long-time Damascus resident, John Wreford, writes about in an online article called, "Resilient Damascus."

"Of course everybody's scared," says Wreford.

But he adds people simply deal with it day by day.

"You kind of use a degree of logic," he says. For example, "I know that the shells (passing over my house) are high in the sky, and traveling much further away from where I'm living, so you kind of draw a little hope from that."