North Korea threatens 'final destruction' of South Korea


South Korean activists shout slogans behind an effigy of North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un during a rally denouncing North Korea's nuclear test, in Seoul on February 13, 2013.



North Korea sent a diplomat to a United Nations Conference on Disarmament. That sounds promising, right? Unfortunately, the diplomat used the opportunity to threaten South Korea with "final destruction." Someone may need to work on his diplomacy skills. 

"As the saying goes, a new-born puppy knows no fear of a tiger. South Korea's erratic behavior would only herald its final destruction," North Korean diplomat Jon Yong Ryong said during a debate at the meeting, Reuters reported

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North Korea conducted its third nuclear test last week. The European Union introduced more sanctions against North Korea in response, and the US warned North Korea against taking "additional provocative actions."

The US House on Feb. 15 also passed a non-binding resolution condemning North Korea for the nuclear test, Bloomberg News reported.  

At Tuesday's UN meeting, the North Korean diplomat did not specifically mention the recent nuclear test, but he vaguely hinted of worse things to come: "If the US takes a hostile approach toward the DPRK to the last, rendering the situation complicated, it (North Korea) will be left with no option but to take the second and third stronger steps in succession," he said without elaborating, according to Reuters.