French tourists seized by gunmen in northern Cameroon

Seven French tourists have been abducted by what appears to be a terrorist group in northern Cameroon, French president Francoise Hollande Tuesday.

The tourists are all of members of the same family.

The group of seven included three children, wrote Reuters, while the perpetrators hailed from Nigeria — giving France yet more African security woes after the recent intervention in Mali.

The family appears to have been returning from a visit to the Waza National Park, a well-known biosphere reserve and destination, when they were kidnapped, AFP reported.

Hollande said that the family members were seized by a "known terrorist group," and that it's likely the tourists were taken into northern Nigeria, wrote the BBC.

"I see the hand of [Nigerian militants] Boko Haram in that part of Cameroon. France is in Mali, and it will continue until its mission is completed," Hollande added.

However, it remains unclear what the identity of the group behind the kidnapping is. 

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