Philippine island hit with a 6.2 magnitude earthquake


An earthquake in the Philippines hit this morning, causing residents to flee their homes, schools and offices.



A 6.2 magnitude earthquake has struck an island in the southern Philippines, although no damage or injuries have been reported from the quake — and authorities have yet to issue a tsunami warning or watch.

The quake hit 98 kilometers below the water near the southern island of Mindanao on February 16th, according to the US Geological Survey, in an area about 17 miles southeast of the town of Caburan.

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Although the offshore quake caused "panic," according to AFP, after light fixtures began to sway in nearby buildings when it struck at 12:37 PM, no one was injured — and a tsunami warning is unlikely to be issued.

The powerful quake may have been relatively harmless, but the Philippines, situated on the Pacific's infamous "Ring of Fire," has experienced serious seismic incidents in recent years,  including a 7.6 magnitude quake in August 2012 that caused a small tsunami and killed at least one person.

Deadlier was a February 2012 6.7 magnitude quake that killed dozens in the central Philippines, burying houses and causing panic in nearby cities.