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French dude's car gets stuck at 125mph for an hour with no brakes


Frank Lecerf was driving along in France's Pont-de-Metz when his car brakes malfunctioned, leaving him speeding at 125 mph for a full hour. Here, a car passes by a field of Oilseed Rape plants in bloom in the Cotswolds village of Tormarton on May 6, 2008 near Tetbury in Gloucestershire, England.


Matt Cardy

A Wednesday police chase in France involved a desperado of unusual description: a car of curiously criminal bent.

The car appears to have tried to kill its driver, Frank Lecerf.

Without warning, the vehicle's brakes started to speed up instead of slow down, and then Lecerf's speedometer refused to budge after hitting a terrifying 125 miles per hour, according to the Atlantic

Here's what went down: Lecerf was driving along, doing his normal thing in Pont-de-Metz, a city near Amiens, when his Renault Laguna car went whack, said the Guardian. He was going the equivalent of 60 mph, then, when he attempted to brake, the car sped up instead. Next thing you know Lecerf found himself careening down a highway at 125 mph for a full hour. 

"My life flashed before me," Lecerf told Le Courrier Picard afterwards, according to the Atlantic.

But you've got to hand it to the guy. He kept his wits about him, calling the police from inside the vehicle, which resulted in an oddball chase -- police after a seemingly criminal car. 

But it gets crazier. Trying to stay one step ahead of the insane vehicle, authorities alerted three upcoming toll booths, all of which raised their barriers just in the nick of time. Alarms sounded. Drivers swerved out of the way, said the Guardian. Lecerf sustained two epileptic seizures as he hung on for dear life. 

There was just no stopping this car. It sped over the French border and into Belgium, said the Guardian, before finally running out of gas -- probably just as Lecerf was thinking he was going to run out of luck. 

Au contraire, as they say. 

The incident is under investigation.