Carnival cruise ship: Passengers sleeping on deck, as conditions deteriorate


In this handout from the U.S. Coast Guard, the cruise ship Carnival Triumph sits idle February 11, 2013 in the Gulf of Mexico. According to the Coast Guard, the ship lost propulsion power February 10, after a fire broke out in the engine room.


Paul McConnell/U.S. Coast Guard

A Carnival cruise ship, adrift in the Gulf of Mexico following a weekend fire, is scheduled to dock in Mobile, Alabama on Thursday, USA Today reported.

Conditions on the Carnival Triumph have deteriorated on the damaged ship in the days since Sunday's engine fire crippled the cruise's power supply, CBS News explained.

The Associated Press reported Carnival Cruise Carnival Cruise Lines canceled 12 trips, through April, aboard the Triumph.

CNN said two tug boats are pulling the 14-story Triumph to shore. The luxury liner was "approximately 160 nautical miles" from port on Wednesday morning, according to CNN.

The ship's 3,143 passengers have complained of foul odors, a lack of food. They have told relatives people sleeping on deck and in hallways and called overall conditions on board quite poor.

CBS News reported passenger Kimberly Ware texted her son: "Trash is piling up, food's cold, hard to get, long lines, pretty miserable. ... The people who did actually have meat on their burgers, it was cold and the remainder of the people once they ran out of the cooked meat. It was basically just onions and things like that on the sandwiches."

Carnival Cruise Lines' president Gerry Cahill issued an apology on Tuesday: "Let me assure you that no one here from Carnival is happy about the conditions on board the ship. We're obviously very, very sorry about what is taking place."

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