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BBC faces first lawsuit for Jimmy Savile sex abuse case



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The Jimmy Savile scandal at the BBC has already been exposed, but the lawsuits are just beginning. A victim of Jimmy Savile, who police say sexually abused hundreds of girls and women on the BBC's property, is suing Savile's estate and the BBC, Bloomberg News reported. This is the first of many lawsuits, lawyers promise.

“We have 31 cases ready to go and potentially many more to come,” Alan Collins, the lawyer for the victims, told Bloomberg News. 

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The almost £4 million estate of Jimmy Savile has already been frozen by NatWest bank in response to the allegations, Digital Spy reported. A children's charity says he was one of the most prolific sex offenders it has ever heard of.

Another lawyer representing more than 50 of Savile's victims has also announced plans recently to sue Savile's estate and other organizations, the Press Association reported

In total, more than 90 people plan to pursue legal action, BBC News confirmed on its website