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Sars-like virus infects its tenth victim


The United Nations has issued a warning about a potential new SARS virus.



A dangerous virus from the same family of SARS has infected another person in the UK. The virus has killed five people so far and infected 10 total--making the survival odds like like they're about 50/50. The tenth victim is a British man, the Guardian reported.

It is believed that he contracted the virus, currently called the "novel coronavirus’," on a visit to Saudi Arabia in January, the Daily Telegraph reported

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He is currently in intensive care, BBC News reported. The virus was first identified in September 2012 in a patient in Saudi Arabia.

The British Health Protection Agency assured people that the risk of actually getting the virus is low. "Our assessment is that the risk associated with novel coronavirus to the general UK population remains extremely low and the risk to travelers to the Arabian Peninsula and surrounding countries remains very low," the HPA said in a statement.