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Pluto moon naming contest opens up


A new contest lets the public choose the names of Pluto's newly-discovered moons.


Mr Showalter

Everyone's favorite former planet, Pluto, has a problem - it has two moons that need names.

Hubble Telescope photos revealed the two tiny moons in 2011 and 2012.

A new contest organized by the SETI Institute is looking to the public to name what are currently called "P4" and "P5."

Keep in mind that the International Astronomical Union still can override your brilliant "Pluto Jr." name, according to the rules.

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The moons are about 15 to 20 miles across.

NASA's New Horizons program, that deals with all things Pluto, will fly a probe to the most distant planet in our solar system in 2015.

NBC News reported that the idea for a public vote, called "Pluto Rocks," came from the New Horizon's principal investigator Alan Stern.

The 12 suggested names for the moons include (in alphabetical order):  Acheron, Alecto, Cerberus, Erebus, Eurydice, Heracles, Hypnos, Lethe, Obol, Orpheus, Persephone and Styx.

The Washington Post suggested that naming the moon after your loved one might make a great Valentine's Day gift.