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Frozen deer in New York saved by licking


A deer in New York fell into a lake Thursday and was licked back to life - by its own kind.


Tim Boyle

A baby deer that had fallen into an icy lake was rescued Thursday by police officers on Long Island.

The fawn was found by marine officers about 30 yards offshore, said NBC News 4.

Police pulled the young deer into their boat.

It appeared to be in shock and was not moving.

Authorities brought the deer to shore and covered it with blankets.

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While drying it, a small herd of deer approached from a forest offering their help.

The family licked the animal until it got back on its feet and trotted off - not before consuming some popcorn given to it by officers, reported the New York Post.

It is unknown how the animal ended up falling in the water.

It is also unclear whether deer licks will replace energy drinks to give you that extra boost when you need it.