Bangladesh ferry sinks with 100 people on board, leaving many missing


Thousands of Bangladeshis cram ferries, as they rush home to be with their families in remote villages before the Muslim Eid festival, at Sadarghat ferry terminal on the outskirts of Dhaka on August 16, 2012.



A Bangladesh ferry packed with more than 100 people has reportedly capsized in a river in the country's center.

According to the Associated Press, the ferry went down in Munshiganj district, 20 miles south of Dhaka, the Bangladeshi capital. 

It was traveling from Narayanganj city to Matlab in the south.

CNN cited Munshiganj district police chief Shahabuddin Khan as saying the ferry collided with the cargo ship. 

"Many passengers are still missing and we can be sure of casualties once we can retrieve the sunken ferry."

Villagers searching for relatives missing in the accident rescued 38 people.

Ferry accidents are common in Bangladesh, owing to a lack of monitoring of river transport in the country's vast river network, CNN wrote.

Bangladesh is a nation of 153 million people.