Winter storm 'Nemo' headed for Northeast

A potentially massive winter storm is currently hurtling toward the Northeastern part of the country, and could dump a huge amount of snow in Boston and New York City.

The National Weather Service predicts that a "Nor'easter-type storm system will bring strong winds and heavy snow to the region," beginning on Thursday evening and reaching a peak on Friday, lasting until Saturday afternoon. 

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The NOAA warned that blizzard conditions could render travel "extremely dangerous," and could result in a "potentially historic" storm. Driving is strongly discouraged during the blast of wintery weather.

Gusts of up to 60 miles per hour could hit the area during the blizzard, and snow accumulation could reach as much as 24 inches, says the report.

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The timing isn't auspicious: the upcoming 2013 storm comes nearly on the 35th anniversary of the historic 1978 blizzard, that killed 100 people in the Northeastern US, writes WTNH News.

Still, it might not quite be time to panic, notes David Epstein of

"For the storm Friday night to become historic a lot has to happen," says Epstein. "Every key ingredient in the atmosphere must come together in just the right way."

The Northeastern US is only just recovering from the disastrous Hurricane Sandy, a historic weather event that caused an estimated $36.8 billion in New York alone, says the Huffington Post.