Sean Eldridge, husband of Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes, to run for Congress


The 113th Congress is sworn in Jan. 3, 2013 in Washington, D.C. As polarization increases, the debt ceiling, sequestration, and the 2013 budget will become increasingly difficult to handle.


Mark Wilson

Sean Eldridge, the husband of Facebook cofounder Chris Hughes has filed the requisite paperwork for a 2014 Congress run for New York state's Hudson Valley.

Eldridge, an investor and Democratic political activist, will face off against Republican incumbent Chris Gibson, who's a two term Republican congressman and decorated war hero, Bloomberg reported.

Eldridge, a former Philosophy major at Brown, worked for Freedom to Marry, and was part of the movement to legalize gay marriage in New York. He went on to start his own organization called Protect Our Democracy, a political action committee that promoted an overhaul of campaign finance laws.

Eldridge and Hughes were married last July, the Atlantic Wire reported. They've been fundraising for several progressive issues, and have held several events at the 4,000 square-foot lot that they own in Crosby Street in SoHo.

The two have an estimated fortune of $500 million, and have positioned themselves as one of the most powerful gay couples since they tied the knot, the Daily Mail reported.