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Pot, clogs and cheese: #AFridayIn Amsterdam


Houses are reflected on the Herengracht, one of Amsterdam's three main canals.



Barry Neild, GlobalPost's trusty senior correspondent based in the UK, has tweeted his journeys for the @AFridayIn travel series before. First he took us on an epic English pub crawl. Then he braved frigid London temperatures to give us a look at the city's burgeoning bike culture.

This Friday, Barry showed us the highs and lows (though, mostly the highs) of the "Venice of the North." Yes, that's right. Barry took on Amsterdam, folks, and he didn't hold back.

GlobalPost's @AFridayIn Twitter feed showcases the voices and personal experiences of our correspondents based around the world each week. A different correspondent takes over the @AFridayIn account each Friday and tweets about his or her travels and daily activities.


Check out the  full series here.


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