Chatter: Search for survivors after Mexico City explosion




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They're calling it Mexico City's deadliest blast in years. At least 25 people are dead and 100 injured after an explosion at the 54-floor headquarters of Mexico's state-owned oil company, Pemex. Hundreds of rescuers and sniffer dogs are still searching the remains of the skyscraper for survivors.

What caused the explosion, no one yet knows. But President Enrique Pena Nieto has promised that, if any individuals are found responsible, they will feel "the full weight of the law."

And that's not even today's only explosion news. Reports say there has been a blast outside the US embassy in Turkey's capital, Ankara. Ambulances are at the scene and several people are reported wounded.

We'll keep you posted.

This is the last blast, we promise. In central China, a truck loaded with fireworks exploded in the middle of a bridge, causing part of the highway to collapse and sending vehicles plummeting. At least eight people were killed and another 13 injured.

China's roads are often said to be some of the world's most dangerous; and never more so than when drivers are transporting fireworks for the upcoming Lunar New Year celebrations.


Rest in peace, Ed Koch. New York's most colorful mayor died this morning of heart failure. He was 88.

Koch is credited with saving NYC from bankruptcy during his three terms in office, which began back in the city's dark days of 1978. (By fortunate or unfortunate coincidence, a "warts-and-all" documentary telling the tale opens this week.) The tributes will, no doubt, be many.

Farewell also, Cambodia's King Norodom Sihanouk. He may have died back in October, and he wasn't technically a king anymore, but that hasn't stopped Cambodians giving him a right royal funeral, today in Phnom Penh. Up to a million people are expected to gather to see the former monarch's coffin processed through the streets of the capital and delivered to a custom-built crematorium, where he will be cremated on Monday.

If it's anything like the first mourning period, expect a spectacular display.

We all owe Beyonce an apology. Yes, she lip-synched at President Barack Obama's inauguration and yes, it took until a press conference yesterday for her to admit it, but look at her sing the national anthem live! Just as she's promised to do at Sunday's Super Bowl!

We're sorry, B. We should never have doubted you.


Fish gotta swim, birds gotta fly, dogs gotta hump. And as anyone who's ever met a dog can testify, it doesn't really matter what. To the pup, that is – owners have a tendency to be a little more precious than their equal-opportunity pets. That was certainly the case with one former owner in Jackson, Tennessee, who left his dog at a shelter after it mounted another male mutt. He said, reportedly, that he didn't want a "gay" dog.

Thankfully, plenty of other people did. After his story was shared online, the pup quickly found a new home – and a new name. World, meet Elton.