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Super Bowl snacks: Game day eats from around the world


Currywurst, a Berlin street food speciality, is a fried pork sausage cut into slices drowned in ketchup, curry and tomato concentrate.


Adam Berry

Super Bowl 47 is coming up this Sunday, and while you may be pumped to watch the 49ers and the Ravens face off in the NFL's biggest showdown, some of us are just as excited to chow down. 

If you're looking to spice up your game day spread, not to worry: We've rounded up the best snacks from around the world that will keep you and your fellow football fanatics satisfied.

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SPAIN: Padron Peppers 

Looking for something spicy to go with that ice-cold beer? Pimentons de Padron, or Padron Peppers, are just the thing. These little guys are a traditional tapas treat in Spain's Galicia region, and are a cinch to make at home.

MEXICO: Elote (Mexican corn on the cob)

Elote is a far cry from your usual corn on the cob. Dressed up with all sorts of good stuff — namely, Cotija cheese and melted butter – this snack has all the messy fun of chicken wings with a lot more international flair.

INDIA: Samosas 

It's not Super Bowl Sunday without at least one greasy treat, and samosas fit the bill perfectly. These fried, savory Indian pastries can be filled with whatever sort of stuffing strikes your fancy, and are great for dipping (and eating, oh, ten at a time.) 

FRANCE: Flammekueche

Flamme-what? Oh, just a flammekueche, the most decadent pizza substitute you've ever eaten. Originating from the tiny French region of Alsace, this crispy, thin-crust pie features creme fraiche, bacon, and onions. Sounds like a Super Bowl touchdown to us. 

SOUTH KOREA: Tteokbokki

This hearty rice cake stew is a popular street food in Seoul, and will blow your usual chili recipe out of the water. Made with red hot peppers and onions, it'll warm up a chilly afternoon in front of the TV. You can even go crazy and dip some tortilla chips in it — we won't judge. 

GERMANY: Currywurst 

German currywurst restaurants are popping up across America, and with good reason. This Berlin street food of sausage and sauce is quick, easy, and hits the spot. 

EL SALVADOR: Fried sweet plantains 

This traditional South American street food is a great sweet-and-salty treat. Add to the savoriness with some melted cheese on top, or play to plantains' sweet side with some dark chocolate or caramel dipping sauce